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At EasyCosì we care to immerse our guests in a perfect experience from start to finish. This is why we would never forgive ourselves if you go to sleep in a place that does not satisfy you. If you trust us, Monforte Suite is the one for you: large elegantly furnished loft, private jacuzzi accessible when you prefer, private parking, heated swimming pool with wine tasting experience and mixed platter by the pool. Don't be told twice, click and book!

Do you prefer not to stray too far from the center?

Also in this case we know how to help you.

We at EasyCosì are friends of the Bed & Breakfast La Giolitta,  located in the historic center, precisely in Via Cesare Battisti. We are sure that you will have a great time there, because they will welcome you just like we usually do! We leave you the button to click to easily reach the booking site. 

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